The majestic Yimeng Mountain and the rolling Yihe River give birth to the fine qualities of Yimeng people, such as pioneering, hard work and selfless dedication. Yimeng people in the new era are striving to realize the strategic transformation of Linyi "from large to strong, from beautiful to rich, from new to refined". widely spread kindness and virtue throughout the world, Shandong Enze energy saving Building Material Co., Ltd. and its foreign trade company Shandong Kim Eason Building Material Co., Ltd. was born in the booming city of  Linyi.

   Shandong Enze Energy Saving Building Material Co., Ltd. is located in the west of Wude Village, Ma Changhu Town, High-tech Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, 600 meters south of the railway junction, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, only 21 kilometers away from Linyi Airport, Lanji and Yipi two provincial highways are connected, close to Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, Lianyungang three ports, you can choose sea transportation, land transportation, railway, Air transportation, such as superior geographical location, transportation is very convenient.

  Shandong Enze Energy saving Building Material Co., Ltd. registered capital of 20 million yuan, is a collection of production, sales, research and development as one of the large company, mainly produces metal carved board, polyurethane edge rock wool sandwich board, roof board, wall panel and a series of products, optional core Material are polyurethane, rock wool polyurethane edge, glass silk wool polyurethane edge. The company has a modern office environment and advanced production equipment. The introduction of Linyi's first advanced continuous production line of polyurethane rock wool composite board, the entire production line is controlled by computer, the process is leading in the industry, and can be customized according to customer requirements, so as to produce different length, color, thickness of green environmental protection building board, and is equipped with the foaming machine imported from Italy, the use of reliable foaming process, to ensure that the board foaming uniform, dense, tight junction.

  The company spirit of excellence, quality as the fundamental, pay attention to technological innovation, and strive to provide every customer with the best products. The products are fireproof, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation and other characteristics, widely used in industrial plant, gymnasium, food factory, purification workshop, cold storage and other buildings of the roof and wall. And with a number of domestic industry dealers, real estate developers, construction companies to establish a cooperative relationship, and has been highly praised by domestic customers. 

  In order to expand overseas market, Shandong Enze Energy Saving Building Material Co., Ltd. set up Shandong Kim Eason Building Material Co., Ltd. in Linyi City center focusing on foreign trade export and foreign trade services. Shandong Kim Eason Co., Ltd. adheres to the service tenet, product concept, quality control of Shandong Enze energy saving Building Material Co., LTD., for every overseas customers service, so that every overseas customers happy to come, satisfied and return. Become a good friend and quality supplier to every overseas businessman.

  Shandong Enze Energy Saving Building Material Co., Ltd. and Shandong Kim Eason Building Material Co., Ltd. will, as always, take the customer as the center, pursue development with science and technology, win the market with quality, and seek win-win development with integrity, and strive to create a well-known production and research and development base of building Material at home and abroad, and walk out of a development road of energy saving and environmental protection. Become the leader of energy-saving building Material.

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