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What are the advantages of metal exterior wall insulation panels?

1. Keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer. In winter, more heat can be stored indoors, the room temperature is stable, and the "free heat" generated inside the room can be utilized; In summer, the external insulation layer can reduce the combined effects of solar radiation and high temperature, and the surface temperature of the external wall and indoor temperature can be reduced.

2. It can effectively avoid the generation of cold bridges. Cold bridges often occur in sensitive areas such as reinforced concrete columns, ring beams, floor slabs, and external corners of buildings. Cold bridges not only cause additional heat loss, but also damp, frost, and even mold and water on the inner surface of the exterior wall. The exterior wall insulation system can greatly eliminate the existence of cold bridges.

3. It can extend the service life of buildings. The external wall insulation system is designed to protect the internal brick or concrete walls. The temperature changes caused by outdoor climate change only occur within the external wall insulation layer, which increases the temperature of the main wall in winter and decreases in summer. The temperature changes throughout the four seasons are gentle, and the thermal stress is reduced. Therefore, it can prevent the occurrence of cracks, deformation, damage, and other problems in the main wall, and prolong its service life.

4. Has excellent aesthetic and decorative properties. The exterior surface can simulate various decorative effects such as natural stone, metal aluminum plastic panel curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall, and decorative ceramic tiles, meeting the requirements of exterior decoration.

5. It has high cost-effectiveness and convenient installation. Lightweight, dry operation, and fast construction. For the renovation and renovation project of the restaurant, there is no need for grassroots treatment, and hanging boards are directly installed, integrating insulation and decoration, which has a great cost-effectiveness advantage.

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