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Misunderstandings in the selection of metal carved boards?

1. Some users unilaterally believe that inorganic insulation materials are only good products with good hardness and small pore size.

2. Do not have a shallow understanding of the metal carved board system, and do not consider the compatibility and compatibility of various materials in the external wall insulation and decoration integrated board system when doing engineering. Inorganic insulation materials with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.065 cannot be considered as meeting the requirement of 50% energy conservation.

3. Regardless of quality, only look at the price and use it if the price is cheap. In this way, serious quality problems may occur in the later stage.

4. For some new types of exterior wall insulation materials, it is not necessary to completely reject this insulation technology just because some irresponsible manufacturers have poor factory quality, and manufacturers should also choose professional and formal enterprise cooperation.

5. When selecting, only the thermal conductivity or water absorption rate should be used as the evaluation basis.

6. On a technical level, it cannot be considered that a fully enclosed insulation material with a low thermal conductivity is necessarily a good insulation material.

7. It cannot be considered that polystyrene boards, which have been used abroad for decades, blindly praise and exclude other insulation system technologies.

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